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Shenzhen WECODO Technology Co., Ltd., Ltd focus on R&D and provide best services in high energy and IT technology, having advanced producing bases and our own battery brand WECODO. Nowadays, WECODO designs and produces high energy power source and IT chip.More...
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Our advocated values---- Supply energy power to protect our green and harmonious world More...
Development history
2008.7 Shenzhen YKSH Sci&Tech Development Co., Ltd formally set up More...
Quality policy
----Safe and effective ----Continuous improvement ----Professional and responsible ----Innovative and excellentMore...
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  • WECODO Power bank
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NI-MH battery
Power bank

Primary battery
Coin NI-MH battery Cylindrical
Power type Lead acid
Prismatic battery
Lithium ion battery Alien battery
Energy type Polymer battery
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