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Shenzhen WECODO Technology Co., Ltd., Ltd focus on R&D and provide best services in high energy and IT technology, having advanced producing bases and our own battery brand WECODO. Nowadays, WECODO designs and produces high energy power source and IT chip, such as:

1. Solutions of high energy lithium battery design and its technology support;
2. Complete series of lithium batteries with outstanding performance price ratio;
3. Special-shaped high energy battery and technology;
4. Technology solutions and products about electrical power and IT-controlled chip.
WECODO guarantees you overvalued products and services with following good software and hardware conditions:

1. PMR integration. We have Wuhan R&D center and general factory in central China's Hubei province, and producing bases in Huizhou and Shenzhen both in Guangdong province, and the marketing center is in Shenzhen.

2. Technology and production capacity. With several decades of years of battery R&D and around 500 employees, the general factory has formed large-scaled and professional manufacturing technology and ability. We have complete production devices and advanced inspection methods, especially key devices, such as dehumidification system was designed by American company. We have strong R&D strength with an independent R&D center and more than 20 professors, electrochemical doctors and veteran experts in lithium battery field. We also establish cooperation with several celebrated universities at home and abroad.

3. Quality and management system. With more than twenty yeas of experiences of research, producing, marketing and managing in lithium battery field, the general factory overall implements quality management system ISO9001:2000, which insures sustained improvement to supply our clients all kinds of products with high quality and high performance.

4. Main lithium batteries. They include primary lithium battery---coin, cylindrical and prismatic soft-packed lithium manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2), coin and cylindrical lithium thionyl chloride (Li/SOCL2) battery. These products are widely used in various electronic products and instruments, such as electronic toy, electronic gift, electronic watch, calculator, PC main board, electronic balance, shoes lamp, electronic digital frame, water meter, power meter, gas meter, sensor, alarm for thief-proof, alarm, electronic lock, smoke alarm, patrol rod, gate control system, TPMS, etc. We also mainly produce rechargeable lithium battery---lithium ion coin, cylindrical rechargeable batteries and lithium polymer batteries. These are widely used in notebook, cell phone, interphone, flashlights, miner's lamps, electronic toys and electrical motorcycles. We also produce other special-shaped lithium batteries and some models of Alkaline battery based on the customer's requirement.

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